Normandy/ Mont Blanc D-Day Memorial Expedition

25 May - 13 Jun 2016


To honor the global significance and sacrifices of WWII veterans, Myrmidon Expeditions is leading a WWII Memorial Expedition to France in Spring 2016. This veteran led Sea-to-Summit-to-Sea expedition will be composed of a team of international veterans.

The amphibious invasion being just the start, this expedition will pay tribute to the entire campaign; the defense of the beachhead, the capture of Cherbourg, the drive to liberate Paris, the push to the Siegfried Line by winter, and all the later phases of the allied attack on axis powers on the western front.

Here rests in honored glory a Comrade in arms known but to God. (Myrmidon @ Normandy American Cemetery - 2014)

Here rests in honored glory a Comrade in arms known but to God. (Myrmidon @ Normandy American Cemetery - 2014)

The Expedition

a. Phase 1 (25 May – 1 Jun). The expedition will begin with a beach infil in order to pay tribute to the infamous Normandy Beach Landing of Operation Overlord and push east. Celebrating the Allied Forces march across France, the Myrmidon Team will land at Omaha beach and then bike 533 miles (858 km) to Chamonix, France.

b. Phase 2 (3-8 Jun). As a lofty feat representing the difficulty of the push to retake Western Europe, the Myrmidon Team will make a summit bid of Mont Blanc (15,781'), the highest peak in Western Europe on D-Day 2016.

c. Phase 3 (9-13 Jun). Paying tribute to the southern amphibious landing of Operation Dragoon and subsequent liberation of the southern cities, the final phase will be a 288 mile (464 km) bike exfil to Marseille in southern France, where the Myrmidon Team will reflect on the significance of the world’s sacrifices during WWII as well as the challenges and success of the Myrmidon expedition.

Top of Western Europe - Mont Blanc (Myrmidon - 2014)

Top of Western Europe - Mont Blanc (Myrmidon - 2014)

The Team

The core Myrmidon Team for the Normandy/Mont Blanc D-Day Memorial Expedition will consist of both U.S. and international military veterans. Any military or civilian that wishes to push themselves physically and mentally while honoring our WWII veterans is invited to join alongside Myrmidon for any of the bike legs.

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