Mt kosciuszko / australian Expedition

Sample Itinerary


Myrmidon Expeditions is starting off the season with a Southern Hemisphere summer expedition to Australia. This will also be part of our Sea-to-Summit-to-Sea expedition series. Beginning on the southeastern shoreline of the Australian continent, you will be part of our team while we travel to the highest peak of the continent, Mt Kosciuszko (7,310'). Along with our Mt Kilimanjaro Expedition, this is the other international adventure we recommend to those looking to get their feet wet in their first international expedition style adventure.

The Expedition

Phase 1. We will begin our trek from Melbourne and cycle 362 miles (525km) unsupported to Kosciuszko National Park. We will get to explore the Australian coast as we skirt Alpine National Park and Gippsland National Park and associated coastal lakes.  

Phase 2. While Mt Kosciuszko is not the highest peak a Myrmidon Team will have made a summit bid of, you will still be standing on top of one of the world's Seven Summits at 7,310'.

Phase 3. The Expedition Team will then begin their exfil to the north as they head towards the Olympic City of Sydney. This unsupported cycling phase will take you 324 miles (522km). Once in Sydney, the expedition wouldn't be complete until after the Team takes on a surprise challenge in the city that was home to the 2000 Summer Olympic Games.

The Team

The Myrmidon Team for the Mt Kosciuszko/Australian Expedition is open to all. You are welcome to be part of our Sea-to-Summit-to-Sea team and explore the continents southeastern areas. The Myrmidon Cadre for this expedition have not yet been announced.

As is the case for all Myrmidon Expeditions, you will be an integral part of the Myrmidon Expedition Team. You will be challenged not only physically, but mentally as you will be expected to make key decisions as part of the team throughout the expedition.