Mt kilimanjaro / Tanzania Expedition

Sample Itinerary


Myrmidon Expeditions is traveling to East Africa  with its Mt Kilimanjaro Expedition. While the full details of this expedition aren't released yet, we can assure you that it is another hard ass expedition for hard ass people. However, do not be scared off. This and our Mt Kosciuszko Expedition are our recommend trips to those wanting to get their feet wet in their first international expedition. You will have the opportunity to stand atop Africa during a summit bid of Mt Kilimanjaro as well as relax during a Safari, Myrmidon style: You'll have a 5-star experience, but we won't be putting a chocolate on the pillow for you.

The Expedition

Phase 1. We will begin our trek from the town of Moshi. During the team's multi-day ascent of Mt Kilimanjaro (19,341'), you will see the landscape unfold in front of you as you make your way from vegetation to rock and scree fields. 

Phase 2. After standing atop the African continent, the Myrmidon Team will then step of on a personal safari. Enjoy the scenery and rest your legs.

The Team

The Myrmidon Team for the Mt Kilimanjaro/Tanzania Expedition is open to all. You are welcome to be part of our summit team and explore the East African wilderness as part of our expedition team. The Myrmidon Cadre for this expedition have not yet been announced.

As is the case for all Myrmidon Expeditions, you will be an integral part of the Myrmidon Expedition Team. You will be challenged not only physically, but mentally as you will be expected to make key decisions as part of the team throughout the expedition.